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I love, love, love astrology! And I love having encouraging, astrology-informed, heart-to-heart conversations!

Several years ago I had a life-changing reading with astrologer Debra Silverman that felt like a huge permission slip to be me and finally accept myself at a deep level - eccentricities and all!

Since then, I’ve had the pleasure of getting to be a student in Debra's astrology school! And I would be delighted to offer you the same opportunity to fall in love with your own quirky self by providing a 45-60 minute reading by phone or in person.

During a reading with me we look at what makes you tick, what you wish you could change about yourself, and we make it all practical as it relates to what is currently going on in your life. You will receive a copy of your chart and, if we connect by phone, a recording of our conversation.

If this sounds fun and interesting, I hope you will sign up for a reading, joyfully offered at no cost to you. (Should you feel moved after our conversation to support my work on any level, that is always welcome.)

Simply click the button below to easily schedule a phone reading! Or fill out the contact form to set up an in-person reading in Nashville or propose another time for a reading by phone. 

Please be sure to include a good email address so I can follow up with you to confirm your reading details and give you the number to call or find a time and place to meet.

Thank you so much for your interest!



I can often meet in downtown Nashville at lunchtime or after work on Tuesdays and Wednesdays or some Saturday mornings. Please include a couple of dates and times that would work for you in your message. Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you!


"Getting to have my chart read with Liz was such a positive experience! I came into the call a bit skeptical about astrology and with no idea what to expect, but Liz quickly put me at ease. She was thoughtful and prepared as she went through the various parts of my reading. Her open, supportive style helped me see my patterns and strengths in light of my chart. She encouraged me to use the information as a beautiful permission slip to be even more of who I am as I move in the world. I was blown away by the accuracy of the information as well as Liz’s insightful way of helping me make meaning of the experience. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is interested in using astrology to gain more insight about themselves in the world!"

"Liz’s reading today honestly blew my mind.  It felt like she was mining my soul.  After our conversation, I feel so much more understanding for myself.  I can see the challenges in my life not as my fault, but as part of who I am and part of what I’m here to overcome.  I also feel so justified in my desires, curiosities and pulls toward things that have felt weird or impractical to me.  They are in my chart.  Again - it is part of who I am.  While I have done much self-work in the past and have already started following on my path, this call with Liz just solidified my direction and my confidence in what seems to be brewing deep within me.   I feel energized to move forward - secure in embracing what my inner gut is telling me.  I wanted our conversation to last forever!  Liz has a gift - and a reading with her is a total gift."